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We Buy All the Yarn

 For the last couple of years I’ve been toying with starting a Temperature Blanket.  I spent a lot of time in early January trying to find the perfect yarn colors and temperature scale along with a knit pattern that included both the highs and lows.  I wanted my blanket to be as extreme as possible.  I scrolled through yarn websites and looked at yarn stores but always came away overwhelmed when attempting to coordinate the color scheme.  So by mid January I had the even started.  

Early February he came to visit me and I was still talking about this project, though by now I was over a month behind.  He encouraged me to go ahead and do it and we went to the craft store together.  I immediately, as usual, got overwhelmed with all the choices (or lack there of). I had decided that I would do a 12 color scale, and that’s as far as I’d gotten.  At this store I could not find 20ish colors in the same yarn that I liked.  I was just going to give up on the whole thing. 

Then he started pulling colors down and sat on the floor and lined them up.  Mayyybe they don’t ALL have to be the same brand or fiber content as long as they’re the same weight.  So I start picking colors I like from everywhere, and he sits there and lines them up for me. He is so patient with me as I ask to swap colors or move them to different places in the line.  Finally we get a color scale lined up that we both like. 

So I take a picture of our line of yarn and make sure I get all the names in order. Then I pick up the four “coldest” colors.  That should get me started, I will come back and get the rest of the colors as I need them.  

“Buy all the Yarn” he tells me.  “What, that’s like $100 dollars up front.”  Is my answer. 

“Buy all the yarn” -  so I did :)


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