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Table for One

 I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for awhile.  It’s not that I think I’m interesting or that anyone out there cares about what I’m doing- but I just have this compulsion to put my thoughts into writing.  So this afternoon as I’m sitting in a fancy French restaurant in a little coastal town I knew it was time.  I get to travel a lot.  Sometimes to places that nobody wants to go to, and sometimes to little mini paradises.  However, most often I travel alone.  Even when I have coworkers traveling along, I tend to spend a lot of time alone as I’m terrible awkward and introverted.   So today, I’m exploring. Here I am walking around a town that they make Hallmark movies about.  Small town feel, quiet coast, a few tourists and lots of locals.  I’ve been fasting the last two day (that’s another story), so today is my feast day.  I find an upscale French restaurant with patio dining and request a table.  It’s perfect, weather, scenery, layout, everything.  I get there just as they open f